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PostSubject: xHARCORE MADDENx Rules   30th August 2014, 3:49 pm

xHARDCORE MADDENx Gameplay rules:

Gameplay settings
All Madden - custom sliders
Created Coaches ONLY
6 min qtrs
no accel clock (broken in user vs user games)
Trades Open

Advance schedule: 3x a week, or before if all games are completed. (Monday and Thursday, Saturday Advances)


Play Calling:
Mix up your play calls and formations, dont use the same play repeatedly for every third down.

Change up runs, not just outside, or multi wr set draws, you should be fairly balanced between inside and outside runs and draws. Draws shouldnt be your only inside runs.

Passing must be mixed as well, dont just hot route curls, slants, and out routes, consider actually running the play you called, or using a formation audible. I don't mind people using hot routes, but dont change every WR.

Scrambling with the QB is allowed, but only after a solid attempt to look at whats going on down the field. No 20yd drop backs, no hiking and immediately taking off, unless its a designed QB run play.

Qb running plays are allowed, but these play should be limited, the Triple Option should not be the basis of your offense. Qb's cannot have more rush attempts then HB's. Maybe once or twice a drive at the most. If this becomes a problem then the Options will be banned all together, so don't abuse this and ruin it for other League Members.

TE cannot lead a team in receptions, i understand in the NFL it is realistic, but most of us understand how bad coverage on TE's is. I will be monitoring this closely. Yes occasionally, you may have a game where a TE has a catch or two more than your WR's, things happen. But, this should not be a consistent issue.

Hb's may also not lead a team in receptions, screens and check downs are part of NFL offense's, and i'm fine with people using them. But, mush like the TE rule, this should not be a consistent issue where your HB leads the team everygame.

#1WR catch ratio should not be obsurd, balance your offense and spread the ball around, i don't want to see 70-80 catch differentials.

4th Down rules:
This should be situational, I dont want to see someone going for it on every 4th down.

You may go for it on 4th down within two or less yards inside your opponents 30 yard line. No fake punts, or Field Goals are allowed.

If you are down 21 or more points in the fourth qtr you may go for it at anytime.

No Huddle:
This is only allowed inside of 2mins of the half or the final 4mins of the end of the game. If you are up two scores in the first half you may NOT use no huddle inside 2mins. This should only be used in close one score games, or if someone needs to comeback in a realistic situation.

Stat padding and Running up the score:
This is never allowed

Mercy Rule:
If you are up 35pts at any point in the game, you are expected to simply call running plays (more so up the middle) and try to manage the clock. You are expected to punt even in FG range. When your opponent closes the gap to 21 or less you, may resume normal offense again. Don't just run tosses and draws to pad rushing stats, if a 3rd down arises you may pass short to simply convert a first down untill u reach your opponents 40yd lard, then running is only allowed. You MAY NOT SCORE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WHEN UP 35 POINTS (or however the math just over 35pts works out). If you have to kneel at the goaline, then thats what u have to do. NO excuses...

Offensive Depth Chart:

#1 rated WR must stay as #1 in the depth chart. Using formations, that move that WR around are fine, but constant abuse of this is not allowed either.

TE's may not play FB in the depth chart

HB's may not play FB in the depth chart

FB's can play HB

You may Edit offensive linemen to play either side, LG to RG etc.


You may move one player pre-snap, but this is to be the player you control. Use your strat pad adjustments to align players as u see fit. No Shifting LB's back n forth constantly to open up a blitz. In certain cirumstances a player for whatever reason does not line up on his assigned man, u may move him and return to your user player.

You cannot drop multiple Dlinemen into coverage unless you have called a play I.E. a zone blitz, no changing dlinemen's assignments to drop into spy or zone. If you wish to use a play with a spy then call a play with a spy in it. You may contain DE's if you see fit, use this logically and not the entire game.

Mixing up plays just like on offense is required, no Man Press or Bump all game. You may not use the same coverage on every 3rd down.

Defensive formations should mirror offensive sets, if someone is using a 4wr set offensively, you should not be in base D and vice versa.

LE rule, if your teams best pass rusher is already a LE then this is fine, RE's can play LE in one base set, and one pass defense set. I don't want people abusing the fact RT's are extremely weak this year.

Positions Changes:

You may flip RE to LE, ROLB to LOLB FS to SS and SS to FS
as far as OLB to DE, DE to OLB, you must request permission from the commish before doing so. ANY OTHER POSITIONS CHANGES MUST BE POSTED ON THE SITE FOR THE STAFF TO APPROVE.

Defensive Depth Chart:

CB can play Safety

Safety can play CB

You may edit LOLB and ROLB to play either side

Special teams:

Onside kicks are only allowed in the 4th qtr when down by 7 or more, or in the last 2 mins of the 4th while losing.

You may not move blockers on kickoff return coverage

You may not drop an extra player into punt coverage

You may not move any player presnap on a special teams play. (yes this includes trying to block PAT)

You may not wait till the last second and "Swerve" with the left stick out to the left or right on kick returns. This is a huge problem again in madden 13.

D/C rules:

We all know how annoying disconnects are, and more often then not it is just a connection based problem.

IF a d/c occurs in the first half, You are to replay the game as if the previous game never happened.
IF a d/c occurs in the 3rd quarter and someone is winning by 21+points, the team losing must give winning team the CPU rematch, under 21 points you are to restart the game as if the previous game never happened
IF a d/c occurs in the 4th quarter with someone winning by 14+points, the team losing must give winning team the CPU rematch, under 14 with MORE THAN 2 mins left, you are to restart the game as if the previous game never happened.

Punishment for Violations:

If I receive a complaint about gameplay you will receive a warning

If I receive two complaints about gameplay you will be suspended one game by being placed on auto.

If I receive a third complaint you will be removed from the league 

If you have a player that breaks one of the reception or rushing rules, they will be suspended one game by being placed on your bench. If the suspended player has a tick in the stat sheet (catch, rush or pass attempt)  the following game they will be benched for the entire season. 

I want everyone to feel open to speaking with me about issues, i will talk with both party's involved and apply punishment as needed. Please no sour grapes complaints, like losing to your divisional opponent and losing a spot in the playoffs, and letting emotion fuel you're complaint. I suggest you take a few mins think about it, then let me know if something actually occured.

Chatbox rules:
Friendly and playful banter back and forth is perfectly fine, no arguing or bickering about the game.

If you feel you're opponent is breaking rules, please try to contact them first and resolve the issue LIKE ADULTS. Then if no common ground can be found please reach out to a staff member.

Most important rule of all, if you're not sure something is allowed, ask first.

I expect everyone to treat their opponent with respect, be fair in all area's the rules apply, and not to do just anything to get a win at video game football.

Integrity in online gaming is almost non-exsistent, i'm tired myself of being in Leagues where rules are not enforced, people blatantly cheat, i expect you guys to hold myself to these very same set of rules. Occasionally things happen in games that aren't intentional, sometimes you blitz and the QB gets sacked before he can drop back, or someone may have the momentary lapse of reason and dropback 20yds, these things are fine as long as they are not consistent. So let's not complain about the accidental things, and just play the game fair.. You will not be seen as whiner if you come to me first about an in game issues. If you consistently complain in chat, then i will think otherwise, come to me first and foremost. Thru 5 years of madden lgs, running them and being in them, i understand how hard it is to find 32 sim owners. I will work at this diligently until we have the right guys for our league.

If you have any questions about the rules, or possibly adding to them please let me know, i'm open to reasonable suggestions.

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